At MyPurMist™ we believe very strongly in product quality and in our quality assurance processes. Every unit is subjected to rigorous inspection and test procedures to ensure it meets our exacting specifications. Defective product is extremely rare. We do, however, examine returned products to help us identify product and/or process improvements.

You have nothing to lose in trying any MyPurMist product. We are happy to offer a 60-day, 100% money back guarantee on the MyPurMist device. MyPurMist also comes with a one-year warranty covering any manufacturer defect-related problems resulting from everyday use of the product. The warranty does not cover damage resulting from use of any water other than distilled or demineralized water (we recommend using MyPurFill liquid only) or otherwise not following the instructions for use in the user manual. If a warranty claim is made, we will replace the product at no cost to the customer. We will pay for shipping to send the new product out and will also pay for shipping the get the defective unit back for testing. Please contact us at for fastest service (emails responded to in 3 hours or less). Or call us at 1-866-925-6710 (calls returned within 1 business day). Click here to download the MyPurMist User Manual.

For warranty registrations, please visit:


MyPurMist Special Offer

Your MyPurMist Special TV offer kit includes:

  • 1 MyPurMist Unit
  • 1 Adult Mask
  • 9.5 oz Bottle of MyPurFill Water
  • Travel Bag
  • User Instruction Guide
  • Priority Shipping





We are so confident that you're going to feel great using MyPurMist we are offering you a Triple-Guarantee 60-Day Trial which starts once you receive MyPurMist. Today you only pay $19.95 for shipping and handling (within 48 contiguous states). If after using MyPurMist for at least 30 days and no more than 60 days you're are not 100% satisfied then we will:


1. Refund the full product price!
2. Refund the shipping and handling!
3. Pay the cost to ship it back to us!

If you love MyPurMist continue using it and we will charge your credit card on file with 4 monthly payments of $39.95. But if you are not completely satisfied for ANY reason, email us at or call 1-855-697-8764 (1-855-MYPURMIST) and we will get you set up for a return. We'll even pay for return shipping.


To qualify for the triple guarantee you must have purchased directly from this website or by phone. If you choose to return MyPurMist before you've used the unit for at least 30 days then we will still gladly refund your product price but the cost of postage is your responsibility.

MyPurMist Handheld Steam Inhaler

MyPurMist Handheld Personal Steam Inhaler

100% Risk-Free 60-Day Trial
Dr. recommended
No boiling water.
Safe for kids.
Handheld and portable.
Instant ON.
No maintenance.
Patented hospital
technology. Unique fine
mist that goes deeper.

The steam from MyPurMist is a natural decongestant (helps eliminate mucus).


MyPurMist also provides 100% humidification
to the mouth, nose, sinuses, throat and lungs.


Doctors and medical institutions recommend steam and humidification for sinus congestion,
colds and allergies.

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If you are not satisfied for any reason, we will pay for your return shipping to return the product!
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Offer Terms: Try MyPurMist 100% Risk Free for 60 days with our Money Back Triple Guarantee and have the Freedom to Breathe! Only 4 monthly payments of $39.95 + $19.95 S/H (in the 48 contiguous states). Pay only $19.95 S/H today to try MyPurMist!

Patients tell me that MyPurMist is the most effective humidification they have ever experienced. Dr. William Berger (MD) Allergy and Asthma Physician

MyPurMist is handheld: Use it anytime, anywhere.


Instant ON: Ready to use in less than 1 second


NO Maintenance: MyPurMist has a built-in drying cycle and requires no cleaning or maintenance.


Easy Temperature: Simply adjust the temperature of the mist from 105º to 115º F.

The patented Capillary Force Vapor (CFV) technology in MyPurMist was previously only available in hospitals.


MyPurMist instantly produces unique fine 3 micron vapor for deeper penetration

100% Natural: MyPurMist uses pure water, so your therapy is both effective and medication-free.


MyPurMist is always germ-free


NO Boiling Water: So you have no fear
of scalding or burns.


Safe for children: MyPurMist is
safe for the whole family.

MyPurMist handheld steam inhaler - Experience the miracle of micro mist! The freedom to breathe - Try It Now International Customers Purchase Here