Natural Healing & Relief


Designed to deliver direct relief to your nose, sinuses and throat


Germ free and medication free steam that is temperature controlled


MyPurMist is handheld, portable and requires no preparation, waiting or cleanup


Capillary Force Vaporizer "CFV" technology delivers an instant fine mist that penetrates deep into your sinuses, nose, and throat for superb relief

MyPurMist is an All-Natural Solution


MyPurMist reinvented steam delivery by creating an instant, fine mist that penetrates into your sinuses, nose and throat for superb relief. The steam delivery is Direct and Targeted so maximum humidity is delivered directly to the nose, sinuses and throat right where you need it most. Its soothing steam penetrates into the upper respiratory system to provide fast symptom relief for sinus congestion, allergies, colds/flu, cough, laryngitis, and discomfort from sore throat.

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Bed Bath and Beyond