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There's nothing as effective, fast, easy and natural as Mypurmist steam inhalers!

No other natural respiratory remedy is as pure.

The ONLY steam inhaler and air-purifier in one!

Stuffed up? Can't breathe?

Mypurmist® steam inhalers are proven to provide fast, natural, drug-free relief from allergies, sinus congestion, sinus pain, dryness, colds and flu.

Plus musicians and actors call Mypurmist a game-changer for vocal health.

Only Mypurmist gently showers your nose, sinuses, mouth and throat  with pure micro-mist for superb relief.

Use Mypurmist anywhere, anytime.


Why steam?

Steam is a natural doctor-recommended decongestant:

Keeps your nasal passages clear by fostering mucus drainage.

Eases nasal and throat discomfort by hydrating and moisturizing air passages.

Relieves facial pressure and other allergy symptoms.

Why you should try Mypurmist®

The world's only ultrapure steam inhalers: Instant steam and air purifier in one!

Effective, fast, easy and natural: 9 out of 10 get relief.

The purest: 99.9999% germ-free and 99.97% allergen-free.

Cordless, handheld, portable, easy. No maintenance.

Great for the whole family: No scalding risk and drug-free. FDA listed, UL certified, medical-grade.

1 million sold: Now with FREE Lifetime Warranty*.

Use with included eucalyptus & peppermint aromatherapy


See Mypurmist purify the air!

Natural doctor recommended therapy

Steam is recommended for upper respiratory relief by doctors and leading medical institutions. Use steam inhalation for:

- Allergies

- Nasal and sinus congestion

- Sinusitis, sinus infections, headache/pain

- Colds and Flu

- Laryngitis and Coughs

- Parched, sore or dry throat

- Vocal chord maintenance

You can also get Mypurmist at any CVS pharmacy or on Amazon. And at select Walmart stores.

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Try Mypurmist today

The best natural therapy for your breathing; Try Mypurmist with our 60-day money back guarantee:

- The most effective

- Amazingly pure

- The easiest

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