Warranty and Authorized Retailers


We believe very strongly in product quality and in our quality assurance processes. Every unit is subjected to rigorous inspection and test procedures to ensure it meets our exacting specifications.

All Mypurmist inhalers comes with a standard one-year warranty. Follow the manual and you are covered. We want you to breathe again!

For ultrapure inhalers we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY with a subscription to our ultrapure sterile water when purchased within 90 days of your Mypurmist device purchase..

For our ultrapure inhalers you can also register and upgrade to two-year warranty at no additional cost.

You can register your warranty here

For MyPurMist Classic we offer 2- and 3-year warranties at a small additional cost. Click here to learn more.

We recommend always using Mypurmist Ultrapure sterile water. 

With MyPurMist Classic, you can also use distilled water that can be purchased at any local store and still maintain the warranty. This will still provide you germ free mist but will not have the purity, removal of airborne allergens or provide quite the longevity of your device.

If a warranty claim is valid, we will replace or repair the product at no cost to you, including FREE shipping in the USA.

Please contact us at Customer Support.

WARNING: Using any additives in the water reservoir, any other liquid, medication or water with minerals (e.g. bottled, purified or boiled water) will quickly damage the device and will void the warranty.

Note: Proof of purchase from an authorized retailer will be verified to validate the warranty. 


Authorized retailers

At Mypurmist, we created a handheld steam inhaler unlike any other on the market to help you breathe better. To ensure your Mypurmist products are authentic, please purchase through one of our authorized brick-and-mortar or online retailers

Mypurmist warranties are only valid when products are purchased from an authorized retailer. Please be aware that if you purchase from a retailer not listed as authorized the product(s) may be an older model, used, or counterfeit. They may not be safe to use or perform as tested and Mypurmist will not take any responsibility for the purchaser's dissatisfaction. Our warranty policy will not be honored if the purchase is from an unauthorized seller. 
Returns will always need to be made back to the retailer from whom the purchase was made (including authorized retailers). Our Triple Guarantee is valid for product purchased directly from Mypurmist only.

Authorized Online Retailers and ("Sold by" should be "Mypurmist - The ONLY Official Manufacturers of Mypurmist". No other seller is authorized on or